Action Bronson Talks Dew Tour, Culinary Expertise, & Chance the Rapper

With the Dew Tour rolling into Long Beach this weekend, the skateboarding world is already looking forward to seeing some world-class talent put their best wheels forward for the three-day long event. But while the skaters will dominate the daylight hours, some heavy hitters of hip-hop will take over on Saturday night.

“I’m a fucking hardcore legend, man,” says headliner Action Bronson. “That’s all I can fucking say.”

That’s right, the legendary Bam Bam Baklava is coming all the way from Queens to close out the main day of Dew Tour.

Known for his off-the-wall live performances (Bronson gave away hoverboards during his show at the Observatory last year just two months after sharing his massive blunt with the crowd at Coachella), Bronson most recently made headlines when he brought out famous chef Mario Batali and smashed a watermelon at his performance at Governors Ball in New York City last month. But for Bronsolini, the live shows are all about staying true to himself and giving his homies some stage time rather than trying to make headlines.

“I’m a different type of character,” Bronson says. “I don’t care about bringing out the biggest name at the time for the biggest song in my set. Nah, fuck that. I’m bringing out my people. I’m bringing out my brothers. I like to give everyone a taste of me.”

For those who are unfamiliar with Bronson, it may seem like a stretch to consider Batali one of his “people.” That’s where you’d be wrong. Long before his success as a rapper, Bronson was making a name for himself in the culinary world. To this day, the 32-year-old still makes waves in the food industry via online videos and TV series like his ongoing partnership with Vice’s food section, Munchies, Fuck, That’s Delicious.

“Creating an incredible rap song is pretty satisfying, but making an incredible dish is pretty satisfying as well,” Bronson says. “It’s hard to choose between these things. That’s why I do what I do, and I do both. I don’t like to be stuck in one box. You can’t put baby in the corner.”

It’d be a lot for most rappers to balance, but Bronson enjoys having a full plate. As someone who’s equally talented in both the kitchen and on the microphone, isn’t it the MC’s duty to share both with the world?

“I’m like a fucking grandmother,” Bronson says. “I can just handle mad things at once. You know how grandmothers will raise kids, do dishes, make dinner, do laundry? Well, I’m kind of like a grandmother, but in a great way. Just call me fucking grandmamma.”

But now more than ever, the demand for Bronson in different fields is at an all-time high. Over the last two years, Bronsolini’s gone from an underground mixtape hero to a household name appearing on cable television and popping up on the radio. With the success of last year’s Mr. Wonderful, the rapper’s ascent may seem sudden to some – just not to the man himself.

“I been doing this since 2010, and it’s been a steady climb,” Bronson says. “I think it hasn’t reached its peak yet, and it’ll still get there.”

Speaking of rapper’s who are suddenly taking over the genre, Bronson was trading features with Chance the Rapper long before Chance was at the top of everyone’s dream collaborations list.

“I think [Chance’s success] is a great thing, man,” Bronson says. “He’s a great person, and I think he’s a great spokesman for the genre.”

As far as the other performances going down on Saturday night, Bronson will be joined by up-and-coming Atlanta rapper Kelechi and Bay Area legend E-40. With both coasts and the South represented in one night, it’s sure to be an interesting and eclectic night of music.

“Me being a rapper from Atlanta, I just want people to abandon the notions of what they think a rapper from Atlanta might sound like,” Kelechi says. “I’ve got a lot of cool things going on, and the cool thing about Dew Tour is that anyone can come out and have a good time. There’s lots of different facets of different cultures there, and it’s dope to bring people together.”

As for Bronson, well, he just finished eating dinner in Europe, so it’s time for him to take care of business before he hits the stage.

“I’ve gotta take a shit right now.”

Never change, Mr. Wonderful. Never change.

Tickets for Action Bronson’s July 23 Dew Tour performance cost $30 and are available on Ticketmaster.

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