Accused Kelly Thomas Killer Cop Manuel Ramos Expresses Love for Cholas Who'll “Beat a Bitch Down” on Facebook Page

Ever heard that line about how police officers are the ultimate gang? Well, thanks to the powers of Facebook, we can now say that disgraced Fullerton police officer Manuel Ramos is turning that into reality.

Ramos' Facebook page is now set to private after we exposed him double-fisting booze and trying to sell T-shirts with “Accused” on them. But thankfully, the pendejo had his page on PUBLIC ever since setting in up in March, and you know we scraped it for nuggets!

First of them? This bombshell: Ramos–who, as a police officer is sworn to go after criminal gangs and belongs to a profession that'll put you in jail for even dressing like one–loves cholas.


He shared the above illustration (taken from a Internet Chicano radio personality named Beer Run Bobby) some months back on his Facebook page, offering no comment because none was needed. Isn't it nice that a police officer wants a chola? And isn't it nice to know that Ramos' romantic inclinations lean toward someone who'll “beat a bitch down” for disrespecting him? That explains EVERYTHING…more to come!

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