AA Bondy

Ex-Verbena front man AA Bondy goes Billy Joe Shaver by way of Black Mountain on his new-ish album When The Devil’s Loose, which is the kind of backwoods blues-folk rock ‘n’ roll that exists not just because of the outlaws and the Appalachians but because the Velvet Underground existed for a while, too. He plays guitar like he’s barely there and he sings like he’s barely awake (or alive) and if you liked the scenes in Heartworn Highways between Townes Van Zandt singing “Waitin’ Round To Die” and him drunk and laughing and just not able to crawl himself out of that hole in the ground, then you will think of those few minutes of film when you listen to anything AA Bondy has recorded.

Thu., Sept. 16, 9 p.m., 2010

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