A Sushi Restaurant And a Beer/Waffle Joint To Open at OC Mart Mix

I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again: this OC Mart Mix in Costa Mesa is quickly becoming an epicenter of interesting food. A few weeks ago a gourmet cheese shop opened there. Soon it will welcome an ice cream shop and a raw oyster bar. And now, SAFII reader thatguy542 clued me in on a new sushi restaurant that had its soft opening earlier this week (its grand opening is scheduled for February 14th) and, what's more, there's a new waffle joint opening right next door.

Waiiha is by the owners of Jizake Sushi in Laguna Beach and Iron Press will be a waffle and beer restaurant which Foodie in Disguise says is by Lenny Chan, owner of California Shabu Shabu, whom you might remember was almost arrested when he and his friends were mistaken for burglars while doing construction work on their first Costa Mesa restaurant.

But I think our friend thatguy542 said it best when he told me, “Waffles and beer? Gourmet cheese, olives, and coffee? This place is the worst enabler.”

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