A Quick Guide to This Year's NBFF Music Video Showcase

You gotta love the Music Video Showcase offered every year at the conclusion of the Newport Beach Film Festival. This year's selection offers a range of new, innovative artists in videos that go against the grain of what the medium usually offers. Here's a glimpse:

James Lees directs this striking look at racial division and social unrest, made even more poignant with singer Benjamin Booker's gravelly, soulful voice. It's the 1960s, and in Groundhog Day fashion, our hero drives through the same Southern town every day and witnesses police inflicting brutal force on some African-American protesters. With guitar in tow, Booker makes a stand.

Duke Dumont isn't necessarily an artist whose music is on repeat on the Billboard hit parade these days, but the producer's dance track “Won't Look Back” carries an energetic ferocity that perfectly carries the video's storyline. An LA heist goes as planned, and the thieves make their getaway via pogo sticks while being pursued by Segway-riding police officers. Tim Main directs this thrilling chase throughout the city.

You remember the treadmill video OK Go released years ago, or their Rube Goldberg-style video? The band have been consistently creating quirky, choreographed videos for so long that by now they're remembered for more than their music. But “I Won't Let You Down,” directed by Kazuaki Seki and Damian Kulash Jr., blows all of those previous vids out of the water with this heavily-synchronized, Busby Berkeley-esque dance number that keeps growing and growing. This one will leave you in awe.

Jacob Gentry directs actors Anton Yelchin and Kate Mara as two star-crossed lovers in outer space, living and loving to the sounds of Broken Bell's extended version of “Holding On for Life.” This video is the second half of the band's “After the Disco” video/short film crossover, and their dark, synthy electro pop surely fits the mood and theme of the story. Don't miss the cameo by Broken Bells members, Danger Mouse and the Shins' James Mercer, who fill in some of the evocative intrigue in this hypnotic video.

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