A Provost’s Congrats to College Grads [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

For this week’s edition of Orange Feathers, Weekly contributor Bob Aul decided to congratulate this month’s and next month’s college graduates (including our own clubs editor—congrats, Denise!) with the above cartoon. And now, his artist’s statement:

Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Education. Private schools have always been expensive, but who remembers that at one time California state universities had free tuition? It’s probably been forgotten that there were riots and weeks of unrest at Cal State Fullerton in 1970 stemming from Reagan’s proposal there of implementing tuition fees. I could see a reason for some costs that maybe had to be factored in as times changed, but the more the fees got hiked, the more comfortable people apparently got hiking them to the point where the balance shifted and we headed into a raging for-profit mentality and why not—everybody else is doing it, right? But what kind of society finds it acceptable to feed on its own citizens, turning the investment in its own future into a self-perpetuating ATM for the guys we originally entrusted with this valuable civic duty, and what can we do to burn that big tick off our collective neck?


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