A Documentary on The Crosby? Yup.

The Crosby Trailer from ChristianLong on Vimeo.

Yeah alright, we know we love The Crosby. That's no secret. But we don't seem to be the only ones. NxtLvlFilms, an indie outfit that puts out documentaries and shorts on the local music scene, has released what I've linked above: a teaser on the film its making on The Crosby.

The last one it did was called Ages, an artsy doc about an artsy music producer out of Santa Ana. This next video on Santa Ana's hipster-den-cum-restaurant looks to be just as, well…artsy, with gorgeous shots of street lights reflecting off rain-drenched Broadway, part of it filmed during Dee Nguyen's pop-up restaurant. Though I'm sure it'll focus a lot on the music, I hope for more than a little food porn from Aron Habiger's kitchen.

If you've actually missed all the coverage we've done on The Crosby: Read Dave Segal's story on their hard-won battle to open, my review, and Gustavo's recent post on their new sandwich.

**Thanks to Jay Ruiz for the tip on the teaser video.

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