A Challenge to Mater Dei Apologists

Congratulations, Mater Dei alumni, students, and anyone who has any pride because of your relationship to the Catholic high school!

My open letter to current Monarchs quarterback Matt Barkley asking him to think twice about lending his prodigious arm to a school that long tolerated rapist teachers and administrators is now the second-most-commented post in Navel Gazing history ever (the record holder is R. Scott Moxley's news of former Orange County sheriff Mike Carona's indictment). Most of the commentators were MD alumni outraged that I dared put all the blame of the school's crimes on all Monarchs instead of just the few powerful bad seeds at the school. Many expressed anger at the administration, even prayed about the problems. Some even called for jail time for such crimes. And all said what a wonderful school Mater Dei is.

Okay, okay: I give in. I'll apologize to any Mater Dei alumni who I insulted in that post if they take part in my challenge after the jump!


Mater Dei fans: If you love Mater Dei, are outraged at your school for its role in the rapes of innocents and can prove you have publicly:

*Called for the resignation of basketball coach Gary McKnight for his role in allowing an admitted statutory rapist back on campus.

*Demanded that Mater Dei president Patrick Murphy get fired for not reporting sex-abuse allegations to county social services as required by law.

*Blasted Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown for not reprimanding diocesan attorney Peter Callahan after he barked at a Mater Dei alum who was a sex-abuse victim.

*Criticized the school for not allowing alum Joelle Casteix back on campus to talk about her abuse at the hands of a former choir director.

. . .then you are a good Monarch, and the Holy Mother truly loves you.

If not? Your words are just vanities, and chasing after the wind.

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