95. Collard Greens at Johnny Reb's

This week, it's my turn for our 100 Favorite Dishes. Find out what you're missing with this list of 100 memorable dishes at local restaurants. We'll count down every weekday, with the top dishes appearing right before our annual Best Of
Issue comes out. Enjoy!

#95. Collard Greens at Johnny Reb's

Sure, the place looks like a real-life analogue of a roadhouse from a cartoon featuring Yosemite Sam, sticking out like a sore thumb as it does on East Chapman, but the food inside is genuinely good, with not only barbecue but Southern dishes such as fried green tomatoes, catfish and Brunswick stew.

My must-order every visit, though, is the collard greens. Shredded finely, laden with bits of pork, and packing a healthy dose of pepper sprinkle (that would be vinegar with Tabasco peppers in it), they make eating your vegetables an occasion to look forward to, and they'll refill the bowl if you ask politely. Don't forget to dunk your cornbread in the pot likker.

Johnny Reb's, 2940 E. Chapman Ave., Orange; (714) 633-3369. Also located at 4663 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach; (562) 423-7327.

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