94. Mexican-Style Gelatins from Santa Ana’s Gelatina Goddess

Behold the beginning of our 100 Favorite Dishes of 2016 listicle! Every day through the publication of our Best Of 2016 issue (and sometimes, twice a day), we’ll be bringing you our favorite dishes across Orange County, leading up to the best in the land. Enjoy!

Earlier this year, I wrote about the mysterious teenager who roams SanTana’s lonchera scene selling homemade Mexican-style gelatins: sweet strawberry, tart watermelon, luscious pistachio that’s like eating a Rumi poem. Here’s a little bit more from my earlier review:

Once you eat one, you’ll wonder why more Mexican restaurants don’t offer them. Don’t expect a sugar rush; Mexican-style gelatina is subtle, light, refreshing. The best of the gelatinas de agua are the orange and cherry flavors, the latter beautifully tangy; on the de leche side, pistachio and strawberry créme is nearly as luscious as ice cream. Most eaters order about a dozen at a time, not knowing when they’ll see the goddess again—Dylan’s “Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands” manifest.


The List:

95. Hot Pastrami Caesar Salad at Bruxie
96. Jalapeño Pupusas at Las Cazuelas
97. Meatball Sliders at Fresh Brothers
98. Buffalo Cauliflower at Mead’s Green Door Cafe
99. Raindrop Cake at Sunmerry Bakery
100. Doughrito at Surfin’ Donuts

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