9-11 Truther Wackiness Now Most Commented OC Weekly Post Ever!

*Note: This is now the most-commented post in Navel Gazing history. Credit for this post goes to Nick Schou for finding the CIT squad! Keep watching the skies!

More than the news of disgraced ex-sheriff Mike Carona's indictment, more than a battle over Mater Dei pedo-apologists, the most-commented post in Navel Gazing history is Nick Schou's recap of Internet reaction to his recent cover story on some 9-11 Truthers. This record wouldn't have been possible without cover boy Craig Ranke (drop the pretentious “CIT” label, Craig: what are you, a doctor of divinity?), who contributed an obsessive 23 comments, all trying to assert Nick libeled him and fellow honorific wielder Aldo Marquis. When I asked Craig to detail specifically how Nick libeled the two, not only did he comment back, but he emailed me the comment as well. Bit OCD there, aren't we?

The bulk of his claim, his challenge to me, and my response after the jump!


Ranke claims he and Marquis have evidence of some sort alleging a massive cover-up in regards to the Pentagon “crash” on 9-11. “Nick lied and said in his article that we have not provided any evidence,” Ranke wrote. “If Nick was correct it would mean that we would have to be lying, delusional, or plain old stupid in order to push the issue so strongly about having evidence to the point of ending up on the cover of the magazine you work for. Therefore since his claim is incorrect it amounts to libel.”

Eh, not really, Craig. I have evidence the moon is made of cheese. My evidence? Someone gave me cheese they said came from the moon. A guy did a story on me, and blasted my evidence. I'm thinking of suing him for libel. Yeah, I sure have a case!

Craig then challenges me to take on his monumental story:

Are you willing to take your own objective look at the full scope of hard evidence we present that your colleague refused to discuss with us or report and lied about us not having? If not may I ask why?

No thanks, Craig. Nick Schou has been one of the finest reporters in Southern California for more than a decade. He's gotten assholes in jail, innocents out of jail, exposed corruption and done so much more for the public good. He has a longer track record than you guys, so I'm satisfied with his story. Besides, you fools: you're missing the TRUE conspiracy–the Majestic 12. Look at the skies!

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