9/11 at 5

Warning: do not turn on the TV news on Monday if you do not want to be reminded—constantly, breathlessly, relentlessly—of that dreary day five years ago when everything changed: Sept. 11, 2001.

Then again, should you crave a different spin than that spoon-fed by the corporate media, head to Huntington Beach for a screening of 9/11 Revisited: Keeping Up With Jones, which details Brigham Young physics professor Steven Jones' contention that jetliners alone could not have toppled the World Trade Center buildings.

This is the third monthly summer screening by those 9/11 Truth boys of Huntington Beach, Aaron Haley and Joe Dunlap (see “Let's Roll Film,” July 28), and the second straight time they have shown Jones, which they created using various news clips, audio files and a speech by the professor carried on C-SPAN. Haley and Dunlap distributed their DVDs to those in attendance after the August screening in hopes they'd show them to others.

A discussion follows Monday's viewing, and it should be lively: 9/11 Revisited: Keeping Up With Jones presents some chilling scenes from that horrific day five years ago, but even scarier are the conclusions one must logically reach if Jones is correct. He contends that the Twin Towers and Building No. 7—especially Building No. 7, which toppled hours after the second tower fell—could only have come down the way they did if controlled explosions were detonated at key locations in the structures. Live news footage shows several witnesses and firefighters who'd fled the buildings saying they heard bomb-like explosions before the buildings came down, and the collapse of Building No. 7 appears to the layman (and experts, it turns out) like the controlled demolitions of outdated Las Vegas casinos.

Jones says in the piece that there are only four companies in the world that can bring buildings down like this, so the question that must be on everyone's mind after viewing the film is this: Who planted the bombs? Perhaps it was the same terrorists who masterminded the use of jetliner missiles, but how did they get the access and the know-how to pull it off? And why did our own government not only gloss over and bury the probable use of explosives, but forbid the investigation of key floors in the doomed buildings?

You may sleep better skipping this screening and instead tuning in to the tales of heroism, terrorism and patriotic Americanism that will fill our TV screens during Monday's 24-hour news cycle. But you'll be no closer to the truth—an admittedly scary truth—of what just really may have happened that fateful day.


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