'80s Movie Night: Gleaming the Cube

Gleaming the Cube is a classic for so many reasons, crescendoing somewhere between the unbelievable roster of ‘80s skate cameos—this is basically as close as the cast of The Search For Animal Chin got to mass theatrical release—and the old-school OC locations from Little Saigon to googie-retro Anaheim to Irvine’s John Wayne and Woodbridge High, and of course the strategic scripting decision to have star Christian Slater’s friend live in an actual bomb shelter. (Truly the ‘80s pre-teen dream: skate by day, survive nuclear war by night.) This and Pump Up The Volume are Slater’s twin contributions to warping a generation, and there’s a plot, too—when his brother is killed, his skateboard becomes a weapon, intones the trailer. And thus across America, a million minds thought, “Fuck yeah.”

Fridays. Starts: July 6. Continues through July 27, 2012

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