8 Epic Freeway Food Spills

It's never good news when a tanker overturns, but when the spilt shipment is edible, the
situation seems all the more tragic. A foodastrophe happened last week in Riverside when a truck unloaded 100 gallons of olive oil onto the 91 Freeway. All those poor salads! 

Here are eight other epic food spills that happened on freeways (or highways, as those crazy non-Southern-Californians call them) across the world. Much of the information for this list was provided by TruckSpills.com, a site dedicated to documenting “odd, strange, interesting, and unbelievable things spilled on the road by trucks.”  Yes, there is indeed a website for everything


1. Ice Cream 

Last Friday, 40,000 gallons of ice cream spilled onto a highway near Fort Wayne, Indiana. It must have been a rocky road. (Buh-dum-dum-chhhh.) 
2. Watermelons 

In 2007, a truck spilled hundreds of watermelons across an interstate exchange in Cincinnatti.
3. Tomato Paste 
4. Doughnut Glaze
6. Cucumbers
For West Michigan drivers in 2007, the incident was (cu)cumbersome. 
7. Pork Legs 

A 2008 spill in Italy made for a disturbing scenic route. That's Christmas dinner right there. 
8. Beer 
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