7 Tips If You're Going To OC Night Market This Weekend

If you're planning to go to this weekend–the second year for the festival of Asian food in OC–here are some tips from someone who went last year.


1. Avoid this insane 6 to 8 p.m. line to buy an admission ticket.

Get there earlier or later.

2. Get one of these.

It costs about $6 but this freshly-fried chicken cutlet is as wide as a tennis racket. And since Starry Tea Bar (look for a sign that says “TEA BAR” at stall D26) doesn't have any signs to advertise it, there will be no line…probably.

3. There's more than one vendor selling those twirly potato sticks.

If one vendor has the longer line, go to the other one.

4. The longest food lines last year: OG Ramen Burger and Squid Roe.

Plan ahead if you want some of that.

5. Want to sit while you eat? Go to the merchandise area.

If you want to snag a picnic table, there should be plenty of empty ones at the Merchandise Section. Last year, The Hangar also had a few tables.

6. Budget an extra 30-45 minutes for the Bubble Waffle.

If you want this Hong-Kong waffle from Bubble Waffle, stand in line, order it, then walk around and come back about 30-45 minutes later. Last year, it was worth the $4 cost–which was actually $1 cheaper than what Tasty Garden charges for waffles at its restaurant in Irvine.

7. Use your nose to find or avoid the stinky tofu vendors.

OC Night Market

Admission: $5
Parking: $7

Friday & Saturday, May 8 & 9: 4pm-12am
Sunday, May 10: 4pm-10pm

Friday & Saturday, June 5 & 6: 4pm-12am
Sunday, June 7: 4pm-10pm

@ OC Fairgrounds
88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

For more information about the OC Night Market, CLICK HERE.

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