7 Things I Saw And Ate at The OC Japan Fair

This weekend, OC Japan Fair is happening as we speak at the OC Fairgrounds. Here are 7 things I saw and ate there.

1. This Minion tamagoyaki from Egghausted, which is selling these perfectly-cooked Japanese omelets stuffed with unagi for $10.

2. This deep-fried stick of roe-filled fish balls from Cafe 949 for $7, which includes a drink of your choice.

3. This whole roasted lobster, also from Cafe 949, that was easily the most expensive item at the fair at $23. A close second: the $20 Wagyu Ribeye by Tamaen Japanese BBQ.

4. These kawaii characters at the merchandise area.

5. This $12 BBQ beef skewer and lemonade combo plate from Luckyball BBQ, which is actually a Korean vendor, not Japanese.

6. These Japanese pickled cucumbers on a stick for $2 at UmamiKatsu.

7. This line for Takoyaki Tanota, easily the gathering’s most popular vendor.

The fair continues through Sunday. Admission is $8. Parking is $8. More details can be found at www.oc-japanfair.com

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