7 Maloof Money Cup Misses

Lost amid our blanket coverage of the U.S. Open of Surfing this past weekend were the results from another battle waged on boards.

This one's strictly dry land, however.

Skateboarder Chris Cole, who needed a score of 93 going into his final run Sunday, put up at 97 to win his third consecutive Maloof's Money Cup at the Orange County Fairgrounds.

San Marcos-based Cole–who finished with a total score of 286.33 to Nyjah Huston's 281.67 and third-place finisher Sean Malto's 281.33–took home $100,000 (unless he hit the fair on the way to his ride).

Here are the six other things we missed out there this weekend:

  • Pierre-Luc
    hoisting his $75,000 check after winning the Carl's Jr Pro Vert Challenge, the X Games champion's second big win in the past two weeks.

  • Leticia Bufoni, a 17-year-old from Brazil, winning the $25,000 girls' skateboard street

  • Echaud Ishod Wair taking the skateboard street amateur final.

  • Dave Gravette pulling away with $10,000 after pulling off the best trick, a rail grind that ended with his flipping his board for what he calls a 50-50 kick flip. It took him 20 tries to perfect it for judges.

  • Mitchie Brusco getting the OC amateur Vert Challenge crown.

  • Rubbing shoulders with Sacramento Kings co-owner Gavin Maloof, LA Lakers NBA Finals hero Ron Artest and Buster Maloof–one of whose shoulders may have left me with fleas. (Buster's a dog.)

We can see what we missed on Fox Sports Net, which is scheduled to repeat its televised coverage at noon Aug. 28.

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