7-Eleven Wants People to Hate You For Your Coffee

Is it the first Wednesday in November yet? No? What do you mean, we have eight more weeks of this bullshit left?

Obviously, plastering your car or truck with self-serving bumper stickers advertising your every belief isn't enough; posting comments anonymously on the Internet doesn't allow you to see the reactions of the people you're offending.

No, clearly, in order to truly shove your politics down someone's throat (literally), you have to purchase a Romney or Obama cup from 7-Eleven. Imagine the hilarity when you show up at OC Weekly headquarters with coffee and doughnuts for everyone, served in taunting red Republican-supporting cups!

The question is this: where is the cup for the Green Party? The Libertarians? Surely the Paulbots would like to have a picture of their candidate in their hands at all times.

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