$6 Million Worth of Marijuana Seized in Diamond Bar, Hacienda Heights?

On Wed., Oct 3, Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies arrested two men in connection with three different houses where some 2,000 pot plants and 20 pounds of marijuana was discovered. The men arrested were Binh Ly, 43, from Rosemead and Thank Chiem, 45, of San Jose

Because of the fact the two men are Asian and because of the location of the grow houses–Hacienda Heights and Diamond Bar–it's being speculated that this was just the latest example of Asian gangs using empty houses in suburban LA and Orange County for grow houses.


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It's unclear who owned the houses in question, but the men were allegedly stealing electricity to work their indoor lights, which is probably how they got caught. Generators, folks, generators! It's also unclear exactly how the Sheriff's Dept. or the LA Times came up with the magical $6-million figure.
Okay, pot experts: 2000 flowering plants plus 20 pounds of marijuana. You do the math. Does it compute? 

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