6 Fatties Thinner Than Ex-Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo

People seem to really be interested in ex-Bell city manager's $800,000 annual salary–recently adjusted up to $1.5 million with benies. Less talk is directed at what a huge fucking load Robert Rizzo is. I mean, my God, look at that noggin!

(Hint to authorities who may in the near future have to figure out where he's hidden a taxpayer-supplied fortune: start at his stomach.)

Based on computer projections that used the sometimes Huntington Beach resident's DUI booking photo at right as a guide, it can be extrapolated that Rizzo is fatter than . . .

Whichever you consider more odious.

Fat Bastard.

Fat Tony.

Jabba the Hutt.

Whatever the hell this is.

A fat, steaming one of these.

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