5ive Labor Day Weekend

Never one to miss an opportunity to party, Sutra turns the average three-day drunkfest known as Labor Day weekend into a full-on five-day rager. Starting tonight, Sutra unleashes 5ive, the ultimate blowout for those who can't be satisfied with just some beers and a barbeque by the pool. Most people have a few more days of work, but if you don't (or just don't care), then break out the stilettos and fake eyelashes because, hell, it's Wednesday night. Over the next several days, the 5ive lineup includes scores of DJs and headliners like Mat Zo and Lil Jon, and finally culminates with Max Vangeli at the annual Black Party on Sunday. Stock up on the vitamin water—this binge is going to be a long one.

Wed., Aug. 28, 9 p.m., 2013

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