Max Love Project Battles Cancer With The Aliso Viejo Country Club!

Putting for a cause. Photo by Jefferson VanBilliard

These days almost anything can be considered a sport. From extreme couponing to video games about building stuff, everyone is apparently an athlete nowadays. I’ve never been one for organized sports but on Monday, April 22, I became a full fledged athlete when I arrived at the Aliso Viejo Country Club for a round of golf with some of Orange County’s finest purveyors of food, alcohol, and cannabis.

The Max Love Project is a nonprofit organization built on increasing the quality of life and reducing health risks of children surviving cancer. Max Love, along with OC Weekly’s favorite roadside dispensary, People’s OC, teamed up with numerous companies both in and outside the cannabis community to help fund more research into a plant that, via by using evidence-based wellness strategies has the power to provide relief for children suffering from cancer .

Audra and Justin Wilford founded the MaxLove Project in 2011, just three months after their then-4-year-old son, Max, was diagnosed with brain cancer. After an extensive run of surgeries, chemotherapy, and countless sleepless nights, they decided to focus on Max’s recovery full-time. Using stress management techniques, whole food nutrition, kid friendly physical activity, and a dedicated sleep cycle the Wilford’s were able to watch Max thrive during treatment and slowly begin healing from his disease.

Today Audra has become an unstoppable force in the fight against cancer. By utilizing nutrition, exercise, and love, Audra and Max are a symbol of hope for children and their families to live normally, despite the enormous impact cancer has had in their lives.

After learning about Max’s road towards recovery and Audra’s continuous efforts to bring nutritional wellness to the forefront of the issue, we were ready to hit the course for a great reason. Upon securing a golf cart and assuring everyone that you don’t need a drivers license to operate an electric vehicle, we made our way to the back nine to find out how a group of people so diverse could all come together for this wonderful cause.

Also along for the ride were some of our favorite cannabis companies. Booths from Absolute Extracts, Care by Design, and long time OC Weekly favorites, Kannabis Works we’re setup at several greens to show their support as well. Standing United, a non-profit that specializes in working with individuals that are struggling with sobriety and acclimating to life outside the prison system understands the importance of community. “When we get together like this change happens,” says Daniel Lansdale, Founder of Standing United. “Every time we have a chance to get the word out about cannabis and work with people that are making a difference we consider it our duty. No individual is as strong as all of us when we unite to help a cause as prolific as childhood cancer.” OC Weekly followers can look forward to more collaboration in the future on this important cause.

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