New Frontier Brewing: Our Toke Of The Week!

Courtesy of New Frontier Brewing.

As a kid I thought there were only two types of beer on this earth. A silver one that smelled terrible and a pale pink one that came in a glass bottle. It turns out I was just a clueless kid and my family wasn’t very classy. These days every grocery store, liquor mart, and bar has a selection of beers so vast it will make your head hurt trying to pick one but for the growing number of people that choose to “relax with a cold one” in a greener way there’s a new King of Beers popping up in dispensaries around Southern California that we feel deserves the spotlight. New Frontier Brewing Company replaces the alcohol content of their skillfully crafted beers and replaces it with cannabis using nanotechnology and science stuff that we don’t fully understand. The low THC content, paired with the complexity we’ve come to expect from microbrews helps to mask the taste of cannabis leaving you with a clean, refreshing beverage without the threat of a hangover or sending that 2am “u up?” text to your ex. With more people choosing to get baked over getting blitzed it’s pretty obvious that we are looking at the future of social drinking.

South Coast Safe Access
1900 E. Warner Ave. Unit A, Santa Ana, CA 92705

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