5.1 Earthquake Hits OC, Just After 3.6 Shaker; Both Centered Near La Habra

ORIGINAL POST, 9:13 P.M. Poor little La Habra all the way up in North OC rarely gets into the news outside the pastrami burritos at Imperial Burgers and the city's mighty Highlanders high school football team–but it's all over the news right now. Two earthquakes hit Southern California tonight–a 3.6 magnitude shaker at 8:39 pm, and a 5.3 one that shook just a couple of minutes ago. at 9:09 p.m.

KCAL-TV Channel 9 is saying right now that the 3.6 one was a foreshock to the 5.3…but now they're saying maybe the 5.3 was the foreshock? Let's hope not…and now a 2.9 hits near Brea. WTF is going on???


More–much more–as info comes…

UPDATE, 9:35 P.M.: The United States Geological Survey is now saying the 5.3 quake was a 5.1–um, yay? Reports are coming in from across OC. At Tony's Deli in Anaheim, bottles fell to the floor; from La Habra, folks say their house “is a mess.” It was felt as far as San Bernardino to the San Fernando Valley and San Diego. Let's hope no more quakes come out of this…and everyone, STAY SAFE!!!

Here's a photo from La Habra showing just a bit of what the quake wrought:

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