5 Things You Need For The Ultimate Star Wars Barbecue

Hosting a summer barbecue? Sweet. Hosting a Star Wars-themed summer barbecue? What time should we show up?    
Here's are five essentials for the ultimate party. May the forks be with you. 


1. Corn Lightsabers 

A concept by Shed Simove. Can you imagine the corn fights that would ensue? 
2. Death Star Watermelon

That's no moon. It's a watermelon. Created by Noel Dickover at Social Web Foo Camp 2009.  
[3. R2D2 Smoker

Great for smoking pork, chicken and Ewoks. Built by Philip Wise of The New Wookie Workshop. 
4. Darth Vader Veggie Plate 

The Dark Side just got healthier. Carrot sculpture by Japanese artist Oki. 
5. X-Wing Ice Cubes 

In case you already have Han Solo in Carbonite. Buy at ThinkGeek
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