5 Things Disney Should Add in Refurbishment of Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Despite having worked at Disneyland years ago, I am not really up on all the recent changes to attractions at “The Happiest Place to Part With Your Mortgage Payment on Earth.”

But I swear it was not that long ago the lagoon surrounding the submarine ride was drained, and the attraction was closed for an extended time. Ah, well, it's already happening again.


According to The Orange County Register, the submarine ride that opened with the park in 1959 closed in 1998 and reopened in 2007 as the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. It will close again Monday for a refurbishment that isn't expected to be completed until late 2014, the Mouse House recently announced.

Proving yet again these newfangled rides sure don't last like they used to. At least it won't be down for a decade this time. Meanwhile, here are five things I'd add to the ride:

1) Floating Plastic Island

It's just like the one in the Pacific, only the trash is totally composed of Disney dolls, wrappers and utensils.

2) Animatronic Orca

This beast does everything better than Shamu … without killing any trainers.
3) Das Boot Submarine Voyage

Brace yourselves for this version of the underwater portion of the ride, as it lasts 293 minutes. But it's so damn compelling.

4) Daddy's Porthole

This “special” submarine window is fixed on a sleeping Ariel.

5) Suction Ducts

. . . To remove farts from guests who've sampled the Golden Horseshoe chili.

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