5 Signs Girl Meets World Meets Satan

Boy Meets World was a family sitcom on ABC from 1993 to 2000, and all I remember about it is my kids watched it, the actor William Daniels who played the next-door neighbor was heart surgeron Dr. Craig on St. Elsewhere and that until very recently I was convicted the star was Shia LaBeouf. Actually, that was Ben Savage, who joins Danielle Fishel, a recent Fashion Island Bloomies employee, in reprising their roles of Cory and Topanga on the Disney Channel's new Girl Meets World, which follows their characters' daughter. Know what else the two shows have in common? They're satanic!


“Bats Day in the Fun Park” Disneyland Revelers Targeted by Goofy Killuminati Soldiers

An Orange resident urged us to check out Disney's Boy Meets World Illuminati, which by the title would indicate it's part of a secret society but actually the Tumblr page seeks to expose it.

While there is debate over whether the Illuminati and Freemasons are satanic (and, in the case of the Illuminati, whether it even exists), Disney's Boy Meets World Illuminati offers five pieces of rock-solid evidence of their connection to Girl Meets World:

1. Number 9 on the Girl Meets World set

August Maturo, who plays Auggie Matthews, is shown on the Girl Meets World set near the number 9. As Disney's Boy Meets World Illuminati page points out, “9 describes the world as seen by occult secret societies and the 'new age' they are all predicting: the Age of Horus or the Age of Aquarius. 9 describes the fall of authority (mainly the Christian Church) in an new era ruled by the Luciferian philosophy of obtaining godhood through one's own powers. 9 describes the basis of the occult philosophy and shows how it will prevail.”

2. Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel flank a pentagram

Yes, the circled symbol in the upper right above could be a simple star given it's on a curtain with other star designs, and girls love stars in their rooms. But doesn't it make more sense it's a pentagram, the favored sign “of occultists, New Agers, magicians, Satanists and witches?”
3. A character wears a shirt with the number 33

Sabrina Carpenter, who plays Maya Hart on Girl Meets World, wears a jersey-type shirt with the number 33 on it in an episode. That number is important to the Illuminati and Freemasons; the 33rd degree in Freemasonry is the highest degree. DeMolay International, a.k.a. the Order of DeMolay, was founded in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1919 and is named after Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar. Walt Disney was a DeMolay alumni. What's that secret membership restaurant at Disneyland called again? Oh yeah, Club 33. Who owns ABC, which showed Boy Meets World, and the Disney Channel, which is showing Girl Meets World? Hey … where are you going? … Come back!

4. A pillow with a butterfly design appears in many scenes

“Monarch Programming (MK Ultra) is a method of mind control that is used for many different operations, some including assassins and s*x slaves. Many of the people we see on television or hear on the radio have undergone this traumatic programming. The reason this project was named Monarch Programming is because the victim undergoes a similar transformation that a monarch butterfly would.” Those dirty bastards!

5. Danielle Fishel's wedding

Danielle Fishel started dating Tim Belusko in 2008, when they were Cal State Fullerton students. They married on Oct. 19, 2013, at Vibiana in downtown LA. In this wedding photo, you can see a sun on the ceiling and a black and white masonic checkerboard floor. These pay homage to Freemasonry and to the Illuminati.

And here you thought the Jews and Scientologists ran Hollywood. Honestly, this is all a real stretch. Why the next thing you're going to tell me is some show like, I dunno, Pretty Little Liars pays homage to … hey: Pretty Little Liars Illuminati.

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