5 Lingering Chris Dorner Murder Conspiracies You May Have Missed

This just in: Christopher Jordan Dorner is still dead.

Or is he? Was he ever really in Big Bear? Did the Man take him out because he was about to deal out some truth, maaaaan? Or, hell, did he ever really exist at all? There does seem to be a piece of exposed green screen in that famous video of his police training, after all.

Yep, though authorities claim Dorner died a fiery Feb. 12 death (as seen on TV!), the lingering conspiracies aren't going with the ex-cop.

1. The Fake Manifesto

Activist-writer-educator-P.I.-defense attorney Ruth Hull says she went to Big Bear as part of her wide-ranging investigation and determined there are two manifestos written by two different people. “Unfortunately,
unethical publishers and television networks prefer the sensationalism
of the fake manifesto to the truth while honest publishers are in short
supply,” Hull writes. Once you accept there's a fake manifesto, you can make the leap to innocents were killed, ladies delivering newspapers were shot at and a cabin was burned down to silence Dorner's corruption claims. After all, why would a man of the people kill a couple in Irvine? Was slain Riverside cop Michael Crain about to help the ex-LAPD cop expose corruption? And was Dorner even on the mountain when San Bernardino County Deputy Jeremy McKay was slain? Breaking accounts in Big Bear had Dorner driving in opposite directions from the condo near the command post. So did the sexes and occupations of the people Dorner supposedly tied up, which brings us to: How could someone with Dorner's tactical training be so shitty at tying people up that they broke free so quickly? How did his California drivers license, which had earlier been reported being found in San Diego County, survive that Big Bear inferno? “Is this like Mohamed Atta's
passport, which was pretty much the only thing to survive the
vaporization of the Twin Towers?” Nothing sells a conspiracy theory-making event like bringing up another more famous one. (ActivistPost.com)

2. Going Command Postal

Already portrayed as a cop killer bent on killing more, Chris Dorner holed up after his pickup burned across from the Big Bear command post set up by the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department as a gathering place for officers and the media. After the fire, reporters walked off how close Dorner was to the cops looking for him and how he had a clear view below of the stop manned by deputies who checked vehicles coming into the area. So, since Dorner was close enough “to ask if anyone wanted some hot chocolate,” P.I. John J. Nazarian wonders why he didn't just start killing more cops from his perch? The fact that the condo was not searched is further proof to Nazarian that those in the know knew Dorner was there. “I have to be honest,” he qualifies, “I did not have any contacts of any kind up at Big Bear, my thoughts and comments were based on common sense and my past as a deputy and as a police officer.” (DesperateExes.com)

3. Dorner is Drone-r

“It was discussed that Dorner is a near anagram for Drone-R,” writes Joe Son on a site “dedicated to restoring Constitutional government to the United States of America.” “His full name is an anagram for 'Projects and Hinder Horror.' I thought this was interesting because he is projecting horror, but also hindering it? This seems wrong, so maybe it's a hidden message that while this is being projected, it is also hindering horror. Maybe that means he is getting in the way of diabolical plans, or maybe the coverage is a distraction for something else (the new pope business?). Just thought you'd like to know.” (DailyPaul)

4. More Droning

“Is Dorner a False Flag operation by the US Government so they can justify using Drones in the US? Dorner = Drone? hmm,” tweets “Dirk Diggler ‏@TheGoodSin” (Twitter/TheGoodSin)

5. #TeamDorner

The #TeamDorner hashtag on Twitter is a gathering place for these and other Dorner-related conspiracies, including: the Big Bear fire was a cover-up; cops could have but didn't take Dorner alive; the whole drivers license thing mentioned by Ruth Hull above; and various “official” manifesto page counts are different. But the best one found at #TeamDorner has to be Glenn Beck's claim that Dorner's killing spree was part of a plan by “radical progressives” to create an “oppressive government.” After all, the best conspiracy theory events draw grist from whackjobs on the left and the right. (BuzzFeed)

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