5 Fancy Foods to Feast on During Disneyland's Dapper Day

This Sunday is Dapper Day at Disneyland, which means guests will be visiting the park in the vintage remix of their Sunday best. Now, it'll be exciting to see modern-day Sandra Dees, suspenders, and poodle skirts, but let's talk about something just as important: food. Specifically, the kind that's just as fancy as how you'll look.

Pinky's up! Here are five fancy feasts to eat on Sunday…


1. Chef's Counter at Napa Rose

If you've ever dined with another person, you probably know how difficult it is to decide on what to eat. With Napa Rose's Chef's Counter, that problem doesn't exist. Why? Well, there are no menus. You literally sit down at the counter facing the chefs, and either Chef Andrew Sutton or one of his sous-chefs will take care of you. After they take note of what you like, dislike, and are allergic to, they whip you up course after course of something like rabbit meat loaf or scallops and lamb meatballs.

2. Breakfast at Carnation Café

Carnation Café isn't the fanciest restaurant at Disneyland, but it's where your dapper dress will fit right in. After all, you're eating on Main Street USA, which was designed to resemble a 1900s small town in Middle America. Here, you can get a famous Mickey waffle or, if you want something more traditional, an All-American egg and potato breakfast (coined “Oscar's choice”) and classic eggs benedict.

With Main Street Cinema playing Disney's early films and horse-drawn streetcars passing on by, you'll definitely feel the spirit of Dapper Day here. And if you eat your breakfast outside, you can comfortably people-watch and note what other sartorialists are wearing while munching away.

3. Surf and Turf at Blue Bayou

Though Blue Bayou is known for its Monte Cristo sandwiches, it doesn't hurt to take it up a notch for Dapper Day (did I hear someone say lobster? Wait, what's that — steak?)

How about steak and lobster? Uh huh. I'm talking about surf and turf: a combo of petite Pacific Northwest lobster tail and filet mignon topped off with au gratin potatoes, seasonal veggies, and béarnaise sauce. Yeah I know — you can't mess this up. I mean, unless someone really, really messed this up, this dish is either delicious or really delicious (in this case, it's the latter.)

4. Firecracker Duck Wings at Carthay Circle

Sure, wings are normally the kind of food you eat wearing a tee you wouldn't mind stains on while watching re-runs of Breaking Bad. But when you swap chicken for duck, it becomes immediately clear that Donald Duck makes for a meal that's just as tasty, but fancier… (Sorry. Morbid, I know.)

Though covered in a thick sauce and batter, Carthay Circle's firecracker duck wings are moist and juicy on the inside. They're saucy and addicting — and since that's the case, make sure you cover up your dapper clothes with a napkin or bib.

5. 24-layer Nutella Cake at Steakhouse 55

No list of five fancy places to eat should exclude a fancy dessert, which is why I present to you Steakhouse 55's gnarly 24-layer Nutella Cake. It's 12 layers of chocolate sponge cake and 12 layers of filling (both Nutella and milk chocolate cream… mmmm.) Three-quarters of the chocolate used is organic and if you still want more chocolate (hint: you do), there's also dark chocolate ganache that's sexily lathered all over. Aww yeaah…

Oh, but you'll not only want to come to Steakhouse 55 for the dessert, but also the 1930s Hollywood ambiance that so appropriately fits the dappered theme.

Have a fun Dapper Day, everybody! And remember, pinkies up!

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