420 Times Expands Circulation to Orange County

Starting with this month's issue, which hit the streets on July 15, The 420 Times, Southern California's premiere glossy magazine dedicated to “alternative healing,” will finally be available in Orange County. According to a press release just issued by the company, anyone eager to get the latest news in all things marijuana need go no further than the local convenience store.

The 420 Times will be distributed free at 7-Eleven locations throughout Orange County,” the press release states. “Already widely available at 7-Eleven stores and Whole Foods Markets throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties allows The 420 Times is now reaching an even wider base of readers who are interested in alternative medicine, healthy living and the latest news about medical marijuana.”
In all seriousness, the expansion of 420 Times into the Orange County market does serve as an indication of the huge increase in medical marijuana dispensaries, delivery services, and ancillary businesses in the OC.

But wait, this kind of exciting news merits at least one bad “weed” pun, doesn't it?

Why yes it does! Take it away, Dave Brian, 420 Times editor!

'We're excited to see our readership grow like weeds,” he says. “And the increased readers are a sign of the growing need for alternative medicines like cannabis.”

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