2nd Floor Hosts Autograph Party

When you walk in to 2nd Floor Restaurant/Art Gallery in Huntington Beach, you'll see the walls lined with original artwork for sale by local artists. Many are inspired by tattoo and punk culture an all the proceeds go directly to the artist. A new set of art will grace the walls of their gallery Friday–authentic autographed memorabilia by musicians, actors and more. 

Autograph dealer, Kevin Schrieber, will bring signed memorabilia to sell from the Beatles (Paul McCartney's sig on the Abbey Road album), Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, No Doubt, Johnny Depp, 50 Cent, Al Pacino and approximately 50 more. All pieces are guarenteed authentic and will pass DNA/PSA tests.


The idea began at (2nd Floor co-owner) Johnny Kresimir's punk rock bar, Johnny's Saloon.

At Johnny's we have a great friend who paints original pieces every Thursday night,” he said via email. “He goes by the name Gordo. He sells his paintings to our customers and we buy and display a lot of them at Johnny's.” Gordo's signature paintings are black and white stencil like paintings of counter-culture celebrities such as the Ramones and Johnny Cash

Schriber saw Gordo's work and asked for a few custom paintings for him to get signed. Some of the custom paintings include: Slash, Katy Perry, Robert Deniro, Al Pacino, Michael Buble, Kings of Leon, Joan Jett, and the Black Keys

“Recently, we had a Joan Jett B-Day Party at Johnny's and Kevin surprised me with giving me a Gordo painting that was signed by Joan and she signed it to Johnny's,” Kresimir said. “He also showed me a picture of her signing it. I thought it was very cool and so I asked him if he wanted to display and sell some of his collection at a show at 2nd Floor.”

Schriber, who first started collecting autographs when he was seven years old, thought it was a great idea. “The first autograph I got may have been Wally Joyner, the first basemen for the Angels, which made him my favorite player growing up.” As his collection grew, he decided to begin selling his collection as a business. Of his personal collection, he cites his Muhammad Ali and Robert De Nero autographs as his favorites.  

“I personally would rather buy an autographed piece of memorabilia from the guy who went through all the trouble to have it signed and have the opportunity to ask him about the experience, rather than buying it from someone I don't know off eBay,” Kresimir said.

“A passion for collectibles is an art form or a form of expression,” he said. “I am sure people will appreciate looking at some of what he has collected over the years and even better they could take one home with them.”

The autograph party runs from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Friday. Admission is free. 2nd Floor is located on Main St. in Huntington Beach on.. you guessed it… the second floor. 

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