2014 Wine Extraordinaire

Now in its well-aged 34th year, Wine Extraordinaire, the annual Orange County Wine Society Fundraiser, brings together literally hundreds of California boutique wines for your sniffing and swishing pleasure. With samplings solely from small production wines (selected from every winer region in our state), this is truly a wine aficionado's dream, and it all goes toward a truly deserving cause: more wine! Over the years, the events has helped raise almost a quarter million dollars for winemaking, viticulture and culinary scholarships. Come spend an afternoon delighting your sophisticated senses with more than 85 winemakers (each offering tastes of their product), small bites from local restaurants and wine-themed vendors selling everything from decorated goblets to cheeky novelty items. This is what the fancy-pants-set calls “Sunday Funday.”

Sun., March 30, 2 p.m., 2014

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