2013 Bob Dornan Scary OC Hall of Fame Inductee: Dana Rohrabacher!

To coincide with our annual OC Scariest People issue, behold the 2012 entry into the Bob Dornan Scary OC Hall of fame…Huntington Beach Congressman Dana Rohrabacher!

A passing of the Bob Dornan Scary OC Hall of Fame happened earlier this month, when longtime Congressman Dana Rohrabacher spoke at the funeral of arch-witch Barbara Coe, who was our 2011 inductee. Rohrabacher was the last politician left on Earth who even bothered with the racist walking cigarette, almost annually addressing her California Coalition for Immigration Reform. Unsurprisingly, Dana regaled Coe as a true patriot, giving her family a flag that had flown over the U.S. Capitol.

Honoring a bona fide racist is probably Rohrabacher's least sin, in a career that saw him enter Congress back in the late 1980s with promises of stay only a couple of terms and has seen him never leave.


To pick Dana's worst moments–this is someone who was a Taliban apologist, who tried to pretend to be a woman in order to talk to Sirhan Sirhan, who believes dinosaur farts caused global warming, etc.–is like trying to find a grain of sand in the Sahara–impossible. We invite readers to go through our voluminous Rohrabacher archives and read through his greatest hits. But to just give you a sense of the terror that is the man, all you have to do is see his pictures over the year: almost as frightening as his politics.

A slideshow of sorts, now. Congrats, Dana!

Okay, enough…

Previous inductees:

1998: Dr. Bernard Rappaport (deceased), former head of the county's Children and Youth Services
1999: Gloria Matta Tuchman, vendida Santa Ana schoolteacher behind the anti-bilingual education Proposition 227
2000: Jim Silva, former county supervisor and state assemblymember, eternal dope
2001: Lou Sheldon, director of the Traditional Values Coalition
2002: The confirmed offspring of Bob Dornan
2003: Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackaukas
2004: Larry Agran, boss of Irvine and the Great Park
2005: Inductee lost in one of our many website revamps
2006: Greg Haidl, convicted rapist
2007: Catholic Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown (awarded retroactively for his pedo-priest protecting ways)
2008: Disgraced, felonious, adulterous ex-Sheriff Mike Carona (awarded retroactively for the whole indictment thing)
2009: Santa Ana Mayor-for-Life Miguel Pulido (awarded retroactively for a career that saw him go from Aztlanista to the supreme vendido in Orange County–and in a county where Republican Mexicans have a group called the Hispanic 100, that's saying something)
2010: Orly Taitz, Birther Queen supreme
2011: Barbara Coe, Walking Cigarette/Anti-immigrant godmother
2012: Orange County Register readers

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