2010 Bob Dornan Scary OC Hall of Fame Inductee: Orly Taitz!

After a years-long hiatus, we've decided to bring back Orange County's most prestigious honor: induction into the Bob Dornan Scary OC Hall of Fame! Every year, in conjunction with our annual round-up of the county's scariest people (which you can pick up on newsstands starting today; on-line? Wait a couple of hours…), the Weekly elects one person so frightening, so vile, so perverse that they deserve immortalizing in our shrine commemorating OC's all-time worst. Sometimes, it's for singular accomplishments, but the award usually goes to someone who has proven themselves over years of scary.

And the ballots are back, and by perhaps the largest margin of victory ever, the inductee this year is Laguna Niguel dentist and birther queen supreme, Orly Taitz! Hoo-rah!


Next to WorldNetDaily, Taitz is perhaps the person most responsible for spreading the lunatic lie that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States and therefore ineligible to serve as our nation's leader. This article sums up nicely the scary that is Taitz, but she has also proven herself even more fringe in 2010, fringe enough to make David Icke seem absolutely sane. She tried to run for the Republican nomination to become Secretary of State in California, going so far to claim that opponent Damon Dunn was ineligible to run–not because he's a Kenyan (he's not), but due to some of the fine-line finagling Taitz and her legions are notorious for around the Internet.

Our resident Taitz scholar is no longer with us, but we still know enough about Taitz that she belongs in the Dornan Scary OC Hall of Fame: my gawd, her level of loca goes into the Jimmy Utt realm. Congrats, Orly, and don't bother calling or emailing us for the statue!

Previous inductees:

1998: Dr. Bernard Rappaport (deceased), former head of the county's Children and Youth Services
1999: Gloria Matta Tuchman, vendida Santa Ana schoolteacher behind the anti-bilingual education Proposition 227
2000: Jim Silva, former county supervisor, current state assemblymember, eternal dope
2001: Lou Sheldon, director of the Traditional Values Coalition
2002: The confirmed offspring of Bob Dornan
2003: Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackaukas
2004: Larry Agran, boss of Irvine and the Great Park
2005: Inductee lost in one of our many website revamps
2006: Greg Haidl, convicted rapist
2007: Catholic Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown (awarded retroactively for his pedo-priest protecting ways)
2008: Disgraced, felonious, adulterous ex-Sheriff Mike Carona (awarded retroactively for the whole indictment thing)
2009: Santa Ana Mayor-for-Life Miguel Pulido (awarded retroactively for a career that saw him go from Aztlanista to the supreme vendido in Orange County–and in a county where Republican Mexicans have a group called the Hispanic 100, that's saying something)

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