2008 Orange County Music Awards

And the winners are:

Best Song
Bayadera-”Red Shoes”

Best Alternative

Best Male
Jonathan Blake

Best Female
Jessica Callahan

Best Pop Rock
Lunar Fiction

Best High School Band

Best Jazz
Rare Form Band

Best Instrumental
Evan Stone

Best Surf

Best R N B
Jimi E

Best Country
Fertitta and McClintock

Best Classic Rock
Shawn Jones

Best Indie

Best Folk
Marianne Keith

Best Electronic
Dead Amps

Best Punk

Best Blues
Pamela G

Best Rock
Union of Saints

Best Hip Hop

Best Urban
Mic Moses and C4mula

Best International
Juan Coronado

Best Out of County
A Living Daylight

Best Hard Rock
Star Off Machine

Best Swing
Gary Tole

Best Live Acoustic Band
The Fallen Stars

Best Live Acoustic Female
Robin Lore

Best Live Acoustic Male:
AJ DeGrasse

Best Metal
Sacred Storm

Best Live Electric band
Franki Doll and the Broken Toys

Lance Romance Memorial Award
Franki Doll

View images of the event here.

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