19th Annual Pet Parade N Chili Cook Off

If you’re itching to give your fur baby’s Halloween costume a trial run, Laguna’s annual Pet Parade is the spot, now in its 19th year. Adorable animals from all over OC (and their human companions) are invited to come participate in what’s probably the cutest event happening all season. Pirates, devils, ballerinas and more will be wagging their tails for the judges and throngs of adoring lookers-on, hoping to catch a prize for one of the several competition categories. For the upright two-legged types, there’s a chili cook-off competition, where participants can brew up their homemade recipes. Quite a few charities will benefit: Blue Bell Foundation for Cats, the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter, The Pet Rescue Center, and The Laguna Board of REALTORS N Affiliates Charitable Assistance Fund, just to name a few.

Sun., Sept. 27, 11 a.m., 2015

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