18th Annual Trick or Treat Fest N Halloween Hearse Show

As the saying goes, life is a grave and we dig it, and after we cash in our chips for that last ride into the sunset, at least we can go out in style. The 16th Annual Halloween Hearse and Car Show allows attendees to dig some sweet rides that put the 'fun' back in funeral— as well as ambulances, limousines, vintage VW buses, Bugs, Barracudas, and other novelty vehicles. It's all part of the OC Fair N Event Center's Trick or Treat Fest, replete with costume contests, carnival side shows, dancing, fire spinners, a presidential election between pumpkins sculpted to look like Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, and more. Arrive early to see the parade of restored hearses make their way into the OC Fairgrounds.

Sun., Oct. 25, 10 a.m., 2015

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