17-Year-Old Woman Has Lived on Chicken McNuggets Diet for Past 15 Years, Or: How I Started Developing a New Onomonopeia for Vomiting

I'm not going to lie. I enjoy the occasional trip to McDonald's.

Whenever I'm feeling particularly unhealthy, I can polish off a 20 piece and fries on my own, no problem. What Stacey Irvine's been doing for the past 15 years, though?

Hukkeughhh (That's attempt number one).

Stacey Irvine , a 17-year-old girl from the U.K., was rushed to the hospital recently after collapsing and having trouble breathing at work. The culprit? She's been eating mostly McNuggets and fries every day, three times a day, for the past fifteen years. Her other favorite food? KFC's fried chicken.

Hhuurggg (Number Two).

Now Stacey, I know 'beige' is a very important food group and it might look colorful in whatever dreary part of England you're in, but there's an entire rainbow of food out there. Heck, McNuggets, Fries and KFC might be the only meal in existence that would become healthier with the addition of ketchup.

A habit like this can only have the greatest of enablers. It's surprising, then, that Evonne Irvine, her mother, has tried to change Stacey's diet. A larger surprise still that Stacey's two younger siblings, Leo and Ava, eat normally.

Wait, Evonne only tried “once”? Oh, god.

There's a lesson to be taken away here, guys: don't take your two-year-old to McDonald's. Or, if you do, don't just give her McNuggets. Or, if you did, don't give into her whining. Or give her something different the day after. The week after? Month? Decade?

Oh god.


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