11 Ucked Fup OC Murder Incidents from 2011

The body count is piling up in Orange County this last month of 2011, with some slayings so awful they made the following compilation of the 11 most ucked fup murder scenes of the year.

Please note that this will also be my last list of 2011 that includes the Salon Meritage massacre. As much as I wanted to avoid it here, the final list after the jump just didn't seem right leaving off that tragedy.

1) Tossed Off Storage Unit Loft and Left to Die in Ants and Vomit

Gary Haynes was punched during a Saturday night fight in August at an Orange storage locker, thrown off a loft and left overnight in his own vomit and an army of ants. Suffering a broken eye socket, crushed vertebrae, broken scapula and other injuries to his skull, the Oceanside 52-year-old died five days later. Police arrested Sandra Higareda, 41, a former Haynes friend, and Steve Fry, 40, who is accused of delivering the fatal blow.
2) Beaten, Stabbed and Head Nearly Sliced Off

Bobby Ray Rainwater Jr. was knocked in the back of the head, stabbed and nearly decapitated outside the San Juan Capistrano mobile home the 54-year-old lived in with his elderly parents. His neighbor Robert Eugene Vasquez, 34, is being held for allegedly sneaking up on and murdering Rainwater Dec. 1 as well as the attempted murder the next day (by metal pipe) of a second man.

3) Worst Mass Killing in Orange County History

If for nothing else, the Salon Meritage massacre is included here because of what's been reported and what we can only imagine about the Seal Beach murder scene: the bodies inside the bustling hair salon of people who either died instantly or would go on to perish. A seriously injured 73-year-old woman in the chair of her dead stylist daughter, and a man dying in the parking lot. Others hiding, freaking out and fleeing. Anyone else recall images of an older woman shaking like a leaf outside the salon? She's probably still dealing with the nightmares. We all are. Scott Evans Dekraai, who police say confessed to setting out that October day to kill his ex-wife, now faces the death penalty.

4) Baby Tossed Off Children's Hospital Parking Structure

Seven-month-old Noe Medina suffered from congenital
muscular torticollis, a

Noel Perez Aguilar, 19, was standing with a friend on an Orange street corner the night of March 11 when an orange 1970 Chevy Camaro
pulled up and a pair of men inside asked where the friends were from.
Aguilar and his friend answered with their gang name.

Ahmad Siddiqi, 23, is accused of chasing his girlfriend through a Westminster apartment complex last week and stabbing her to death. But 24-year-old Saroya Faroqi was not the only person who died. She was also with child, so Siddiqi, a former or current Marine or Marine Reserve, now faces two murder counts which, given the special circumstances of lying in wait and double homicide, could draw the death penalty with a conviction.

A 53-year-old mother was stabbed to death on the kitchen floor of her Yorba Linda home one night in October, but the killer was not done, turning his blade on the woman's 34-year-old son, who was stabbed to
death in the hallway. Oh, I neglected to mention that the double-murder suspect is the woman's other son and the man's brother, 24-year-old Eder Giovanni Herrera. After the killings, Herrera is said to have spent the night at a friend's house. Brea Police, who patrol Yorba Linda, got a tip to check the Trix Circle home of Herrera's mother. Peering through a sliding glass door, officers saw a large pool of blood that led them to the bodies. Herrera was arrested after driving away from his friend's home.

Twenty-year-old, mother of three Nicole Gutierrez did not like the idea of her husband keeping a gun in their Anaheim home. In fact, they had a knock down, drag out over it in late August, when Samuel Oscar Montes, 20, allegedly grabbed hold of the gun that went off and struck the mother of his kids in the head–and right in front of their 3-year-old, 1-year-old and 1-month-old. Police say Montes was carrying meth when they caught up with him.

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