11/11/11: Nigel Tufnel and 311 Duke it Out

While people around the world are celebrating This is Spinal Tap hero Nigel Tufnel's day (yes, we expect to be greeted by “But this goes up to 11!”  everywhere), we're rooting for the underdog and championing bro rock band 311's right to claim 11/11/11 as well. (It is another kind of “311 Day”). Why?

Because while you get nothing but supreme nerd cred for liking Spinal Tap, when you celebrate with 311 you actually get something in return. The band is giving away a free mp3 download of 311 Live From Red
Rocks 2011
, recorded during their Aug. 16 show. (High-quality FLAC
and Apple lossless files are also available for $14.95) Go to 311.com for the link to download.

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