100 Favorite OC Dishes, #54: Yakitori at Electric City Butcher

Once a month, on the corner of 4th and Bush streets in downtown SanTana, the boys from nose-to-tail virtuousos Electric City Butcher light up the Binchotan for First Saturday, where they slang yakitori, night-market style — and it’s fire.
People gather around and wait patiently for grilled-to-order, succulent skewered morsels of ECB’s finest offerings. From sweet breads to chicken gizzards to beef cheeks, the menu has a protein or offal for every desire. The must-try is their handmade blood sausage. A rich, complex blend of sweet spices ideally lend themselves to the delicate coagulated blood. When grilled, the sausage's earthy aroma gives way to the casing becomes crispy, creating that perfect snap until reaching its moist center.

And don’t let the simple set up fool you: these aren't Webers they’re grillin' on. Chef Michael Puglisi and his squad are firing up two custom-made yakitori grills, handcrafted by local fabrication designer George Bernal. The crew fires up at 7 p.m. until they sell out, and they sell out fast (like 300 skewers in less than 2 hours fast) so get there early, bring lots of cash, and say “One of each, please”

Electric City Butcher, 201 E 4th St., Santa Ana, (714) 474-9096.

The List:

55. Tsukemen at Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai 
56. Ten Zaru Soba at Tanakaya 
57. Pink Cloud Sandwich at Alicia's Cookery 
58. Homemade Super Nachos at Taqueria Los Santos
59. Strawberry Banana Croissant at Cream Pan 
60. Pla Duk Phat Phet at Vientiane Thai Laos Restaurant 
61. Risotto Con Burrata at Taverna 
62. Pineapple Float at Jollibee 
63. Szechuan Fries at Wok N Tandoor 
64. Banh Xeo at Quan Mii 
65. Chanko Nabe at Torizo 
66. Hamshuka from Hummus Bowl 
67. The Reuben at A Market 
68. Everything Cake from Slice Deli And Cakery 
69. Spicy Shrimp And Eggplant from Brio Tuscan Grille
70. Crawfish Mac & Cheese from The Wharf
71. Malasadas from Dough Doughs Hawaiian Cafe 
72. Salsas from Salsa Bandolera 
73. Chorizo Breakfast Bagel at Spigas Bakery and Cafe 
74. Whole Chicken Combo at Falafelo  
75. Toothpick Lamb at Sichuan Impression 
76. Hainan Chicken Rice at Baos Hog 
77. Fruit- and Ice Cream-Topped Waffles at Crave 
78. Garlic Shrimp Poke at Costco 
79. Chimichurri Fries at Piaggo on Wheels 
80. Torta Cubana at Cancun Juice 
81. Adobo Bowl at Irenia 
82. Garlic Noodles at Krave Asian Fusion 
83. Broccolini at SeaSalt WoodFire Grill 
84. Spicy Tuna Roll at Yard House 
85. Amber Roll at Orange Roll and Sushi 
86. Frito Chili Cheeseburger at Burger Parlor 
87. Maui Sunrise at The Original Banzai Bowls 
88. Meals from The Performance Kitchen 
89. Pizza-Sized Quesadilla at Los Sanchez
90. Filipino Brunch at EATS Kitchen And Bar
91. Mexican Chocolate at the Pie Hole 
92. Biscuits at James Republic 
93. Mushroom Flatbread with Kale and Kumquat Salad at Lemonade 
94. Mexican-Style Gelatins from Santa Ana's Gelatina Goddess 
95. Hot Pastrami Caesar Salad at Bruxie
96. Jalapeño Pupusas at Las Cazuelas
97. Meatball Sliders at Fresh Brothers
98. Buffalo Cauliflower at Mead's Green Door Cafe
99. Raindrop Cake at Sunmerry Bakery
100. Doughrito at Surfin' Donuts

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