10 Tips For a Successful FYF

Depending on who you ask, FYF is LA's Coachella in the making or it's the same grassroots DIY festival from 12 years ago that just so happens to pull the biggest names in music now. Yet unlike Coachella, FYF is a lot less physically and mentally taxing yet there are still a few basics you'll need to cover to enjoy your festival experience to the fullest. Whether you're new to the festival or an old timer like myself, here's some tips to make your FYF weekend go as smooth as possible. 

FYF After Dark Shows
The nightly shows FYF and Goldenvoice thrown the week of FYF are always a nice little treat for diehard fans that want to catch their favorite FYF artists of present or previous days past in an intimate setting for a fraction of the festival's price. Catch acts such as Blood Orange, Father John Misty, Beach House, Sheer Mag, Corbin (FKA Spooky Black), Jagwar Ma and other FYF darlings throughout tonight, Friday, Monday and Tuesday. (Show information and tickets can be found here or try your luck at winning a pair of tickets co******@fy*****.com " target="_blank">here.)

Buy Merch Early
Merch is always overpriced yet you always seem to regret not buying it once your festival high comes down and the only souvenir you're left with are intangible pictures on Instagram. With FYF's reputation for having cool merch designs, you're bound to love your FYF 2016 shirt and will be thankful to rock it around the streets post-festival—plus they're great conversation starters. Just remember to buy your merch early on in the festival unless you want to be left with a tee that's 3 sizes too big and with the least popular design come Sunday night. 

Bring Cash For LA Dogs 
For some reason some of us millennials seem to think every vendor accepts credit or debit cards or we just can't seem to make a pit stop to our banks for the life of us. Our mind's are just too excited and distracted to be financially responsible. This lack of cash is all fine and dandy inside the festival as most vendors are with the times and accept plastic but once we step into the parking lot and catch a whiff of delicious, greasy, and savory bacon wrapped hot dogs, we want to kick ourselves in the shin for not having a few spare bucks. Here is your pre-festival reminder: make that cash run a priority and save yourself the shame of asking a hot dog vendor if they accept card

Bring Cash for Parking
Again, never underestimate the need for cash. Save yourself the stress of having to find your bank's ATM in the Exposition Park area and find cheaper parking lots around FYF with cash in hand. 

Devise a Game Plan
Since FYF moved to Exposition Park from the beautiful and more intimate Los Angeles State Historic Park, getting around the festival has been quite the trek—and just not quite the same if you ask me. With a lineup that keeps jam packing the year's greatest acts in one and a 15 minute trip between stages, you're likely to miss or arrive extremely late to one of your favorite artist's set. Devise a plan of action and make your compromises now to save yourself the FOMO feelings later.  Ladies, Bring Out the Sneakers
FYF is the place to show off the trendiest fashions but do you really want to mess up those brand new platforms? Or be stuck with a sweaty foot sliding around in jelly sandals while attracting all the dirt around Expo Park? This FYF, free yourself from shoe limitations and rock out the flyest sneakers you've got. You'll notice how much more energy you conserve and you'll be a lot more comfortable to dance and even mosh around while still looking cute—that gym goth look is still trendy right? 

Bring a Mobile Charger
No one should be cursed with dead phone anxiety especially during a music festival worthy of every single Snap.  So don't waste your precious time stuck by a makeshift electricity outlet and pack a handy dandy mobile charger. Charge it along with your phone the night before and roam freely all day and night at FYF without having to charge during tightly scheduled set times or missing out on precious photo-ops. 

Dress Up For Your Favorite Artist
Bring out the LA Dodger hats and west coast hand signs for a warm hometown welcome for Kendrick Lamar, slay in your most abstract and colorful threads while in the presence of the queen of avant-garde, Grace Jones, or wear the same ol' hipster uniform of American Apparel and vintage thrift—the choice is yours.  

Reusable Water Bottles 
One of the worst feelings ever is the guilt and stupidity you feel after purchasing a $3 water bottle when you know you could've had free water if you just remembered to pack a reusable plastic water bottle. Buy some brews with the money you save from buying something that could've been free—didn't your folks teach you better? 

Buy Pizza
This will definitely be the cheapest and most delicious food you can find at FYF and the slices are YUUGE. 

FYF FEST | 700 Exposition Park Drive., Exposition Park | Saturday-Sunday, Aug. 27-28, 2 p.m. | fyffest.com

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