10 Things Outsiders Claim You’ll Never Hear Anyone Say in Orange County

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That sends 18 million unique viewers to the website every month, according to City-Data.com.

Some also join reader forums, where they interact with one another after being given a certain topic.

One that went up recently, “Things You’ll Never Hear Anyone Say in OC,”¬†drew responses from many knowing Orange County locals (and several of them are hilarious).

Perhaps more enlightening to us who live and toil here are the responses among the 15 pages (and counting) from people who do not live here.

What follows are 10 of these (with the handle and location each responder gave) …

1) The diversity here is great. (California831, downtown Monterey)

2) Sshh, I’m listening to what Maxine Waters has to say. (Cheektowaga_Chester, Cheektowaga, N.Y.)

3) We live in SUCH an overrated county. (OptimusPrime69, Miami, Fla.)

4) I don’t really notice what brand of car other people are driving, or care what I drive or how new my own car is. (T. Damon, San Diego)

5) The 405 was wide open this morning. (denverian, Denver)

6) There are so many soul food restaurant choices in South OC, I don’t know which one to choose (Fontucky, Fontana)

7) Maybe they shouldn’t approve the Chili’s right next door to the Chevys and one block from the other Chili’s (boulder2015, Boulder, Colo.)

8) Love the free beach parking. (NoNansea, Seattle)

9) I would never take out a home equity loan just to buy a Mercedes. (Blue Skies, Santa Barbara)

10) The OC! (Donn2390, Apple Valley)

Feel free to add more in the comments …

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