10. Lobster Beignet from Slapfish

Last Saturday was Oozefest, the Foodbeast and 100Eats-produced melted cheese and beer extravaganza that invaded the Yost parking lot with all-you-can-consume fried curd and craft beer. It was a great event, even with the scorching heat, and while there were a ton of great dishes (Shuck's fried apple and cheese empanada, Front Porch Pop's brie popsicles, the Cheese Shop's Mac and Cheese, and so much more..), the best was the savory lobster beignets from Slapfish.


Don't be fooled by the name; the little fried orbs of shellfish are lighter and airier than the beignets you may know from Disneyland. They're more like a tempura — crisp, delicate, and lean on the oil — enveloping a scoop of mixed lobster and mascarpone cheese. After a quick bath in the fryer, the battered balls came out steaming, the mascarpone perfectly gooey with a mellow richness, perfect to complement the lobster, which was the star of the dish.

Slapfish brought the beignets out for a special event, and special they are. Keep your eyes on the restaurants' specials menu. They're bound to pop up.

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