10 Best Must-See Acts at Day of Music Fullerton

Every week we post up the best concerts in OC this weekend, but one city seems to have a generous outpouring of musical acts popping up from out of the woodworks simultaneously throughout the day and within walking distance from each other. Day of Music Fullerton, taking from the popular Fete de la Musique citywide happening that Frenchies partake in in France. Coinciding with the Summer Solstice–aka the longest day of the year– and Father's Day, so you can bring your Pop along for a cheap (read: free) Father's Day hangout.

While the chances of some non-scheduled, spontaneous musical performers will bust into song on any given street corner, there are plenty of solid scheduled acts to make your way to. The good folks at DOMF have a handy downloadable map as well as an app (say whaaa?!) you can download for your smartphone too to keep abreast of the day's musical fun. So leave your vehicle stationed on a nearby street, and take a stroll through the city and see what these venerable establishments have to offer. For a full list of goings on, seek the DOMF website here.


1. Ipso Facto (517 N. Harbor Blvd.)
This venerable retailer of goth culture will feature DJ's Spheric, Gn0m3 and Dach, who'll be spinning some gloomy goth-industrial-electronic tracks, whilst a belly dancer shimmies and shakes, a psychic named Tiffany provides “Retrozombie” psychic Readings and mystic Stephen Marlow will amaze crowds with his Bed of Nails, straight jacket act and glass walking sideshow act, and who knows what other tricks he has up his sleeve. Defiinitely gonna get freaky up in here! Full event schedule here.

2. Burger Records' Burger Bowl at Hillcrest Park (1200 N Harbor Blvd.)
Remember when Burger Records threw free shop shows? We'll settle for their frequent residencies at Continental Room or Observatory, but the non-21 and over crowd can finally flock to this free concert at Hillcrest Park. On the line-up: Gap Dream, Audacity, MELTED, Thee Rain Cats, Levitation Room, who knows who else? Plus, with the added knowledge that Hillcrest hasn't seen any rock n' roll action since the 1971 makes this show all the more monumental. More info here.

3. Roadkill Ranch (119 E. Commonwealth Ave.)
Funky and eclectic vintage clothing store Roadkill Ranch will host bands in their back parking lot, dubbed the Mike Atta Space Time Continuum (miss you, buddy!). Playing here are a range of rootsy, rock n' roll groups like Hot Rod Trio, The Rockabilly's, Take Cover, JP McDermott, B is Bridgie, The Gear, The Subtitles, and The Cold Comfort Band. We're sure that Mike would totally be enjoying the show from whatever astral plane he's on now. More info here.

4. Muckenthaler Center (1201 Malvern Ave. Fullerton)
The Muckenthaler will host its own Summer Solstice festival concurrent with today's event featuring folk music, replenishments and kid-centric activities. Meanwhile, at the Muck's separate Plummer Auditorium (201 East Chapman Ave.), multiple organists will be at the Wurlitzer organ playing a live scores to accompany classic silent films. Musicians include: David Marsh and the JZ Big Band, Bill Campbell accompanying the film “Ask Father.”

5. Carpe Diem Experience (115 S. Harbor Blvd.)
This unique DTF fashion boutique hosts two stages and will feature local favorites such as Gazoota!, Odelia, Ari Chmasmany, Stuffed Animal Baby, Deep Sea Madness. You'll also find some food trucks and a beer garden to fill your tummies and help you seize the day. More info here.

6. Fullerton Museum Plaza (301 N. Pomona Ave.)
This spot hosts a range of different live acts, from punk to folk to blues to standards. After an opening ceremony hosted by Phyllis Fender, the day kicks off with punky folk group (or folky punk group) Old Rivals and continues on with Nolan & Preston Glasser, Jeremy Benson Band, Southside Slim, The Nesting Dolls, Wild Mountain Mystics and local legends Steve Noonan and Frank Agnew. More Info here.

7. Comic Book Hideout (215 W. Commonwealth Ave.)
Ah yes, the Hideout has hosted many cool punk shows in the past and hosts a lengthy day of indie rock brought by Jake Tittle, El Duderino, The Regions, The Dysfunctional Caravan, Sunset Pilgrims, Storeetellers, One High Five and China Woman. Maybe pick up a copy of Love & Rockets too while you're there. More info here.

8. Mo's Music (121 N. Harbor Blvd.)
Blues legend (and harmonica beast) Darrel Mansfield will be performing on his harmonica and giving harmonica lessons as well. He makes it look so easy, but at least if you're one of the first 100 guests in the store you'll get you're own harmonica for free from Hohner, or even some other awesome swag from Fender guitars. Lessons will take place at 1pm and 3pm. More info here.

9. Woodcrest Park (440 W. Orangethorpe)
Now, where my Latinos at? Check out Woodcrest Park for Mariachi Corazon de Mexico, Sherline Lopez, Albee Sanchez, and Los NiƱos Sanchez, presented by the Women's Club of Fullerton. Attendees should bring their own blankets or lawn chairs for this show and will be able to purchase grub from on-site food trucks. More info here.

10. The Night Owl (200 N. Harbor Blvd. Fullerton)
Musical cafe the Night Owl brings up and coming indie bands co-presented with next door restaurant Burger Parlor like one of our faves, Let's Drive to Alaska as well as The New Octaves, The May Company, The Red Leslies, These Pilgrims, Dhara, Jr. King and Joomanji. More info here.

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