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Oregon Bound

OREGON BOUND Robert Deeble, Secret Hate and the Reventlos are the few local acts who have made the cut and are either in-or currently on their way to-Portland, Oregon, for this week's annual North by Northwest Music & Media conference (NXNW). Compared with years past, that's a relatively small number of OC/LB artists, which is a possible sign that NXNW's popularity is swiftly approaching that of its more famous older brother, Austin's South by Southwest. If you're thinking of joining the many-headed herd applying to play the next SXSW show (March 14-18, 2001), the early application deadline is Oct. 14 (application fee, $10). The late application deadline is Nov. 17 ($20). To get the whole spiel on applications, contact the SXSW peeps at either (512) 467-7979 or, or pull up their website at Good luck. We're all counting on you.

THE RETURN OF . . . Inside Out were one of those classic under-the-radar bands from the heady days of OC's late-'80s/early '90s hardcore/straightedge scene, one of many that didn't get a lot of press but still managed to win a relatively huge following-so much so that bands have named themselves after Inside Out songs and albums (including a little one you may have heard of called Rage Against the Machine). There's also a comprehensive Canadian website dedicated to the band (, and-in what is perhaps the ultimate sign that a band has transcended mere popularity-there are more than a few people out there who claim to have experienced an Inside Out show but never actually did. Most of Inside Out's legend is tied to their former front man, University High grad and current Rage-meister Zack de la Rocha. But Inside Out guitarist Vic DiCara also made a minor name for himself when he left the band, embraced Eastern spirituality, and helped form 108, one of the foremost Hare Krishna punk-rock bands ever (not that there was a huge glut of them taking up space on the Billboard charts or anything). 108 broke up in 1996, their last road trip preserved by Fountain Valley filmmaker Evan Jacobs in his documentary Curse of Instinct: 108's Final Tour. After 108's demise, DiCara got married, became a dad, became fluent in Sanskrit, and generally kept a low profile, relocating to San Diego. But DiCara's been bitten by the hardcore bug again: he's hooked up with former Inside Out drummer Chris Bratton and ex-Chain of Strength member Frosty, and the three have been rehearsing material for a new band and album. "It's in my soul to do music again," DiCara tells the Weekly, adding that he was largely inspired to make music again by the last Rage Against the Machine album, The Battle of Los Angeles. The new band doesn't have a name yet-they're waiting until they find a singer before deciding on that. Which is where you come in. DiCara has launched a search for a front man via the Internet-jump to theband/frontman.htm, fill out the funny, Mad Lib-like form, and send it on. If you're looking for more info, you can also e-mail DiCara at Whatever shape the eventual band takes, DiCara is pretty upbeat about its promise. "Mainstream music is much different now, so who knows what people will think?" he says. "But this band is coming along awesomely-it totally has the same feeling deep down that Inside Out did in its prime."


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