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  • The Eric Idle musical makes its OC small-theater review at the Fullerton Institution

    What do you call a piece of musical theater written by a comedic genius who chose to cash in on the enormous success of people undoubtedly... More >>

  • Shakespeare didn't know what he was talking about: There are definitely new things under the sun. Just take a look at Shakespeare Orange County.... More >>

  • OC summer theater preview 2014

    This preview of the 10 most interesting OC-area theater shows of the summer almost didn't get written. Not that it was hard to find 10—in... More >>

  • South Coast Repertory restages its first production for its 50th anniversary

    Anyone who needs evidence that directing for the stage is a craft, talent and art every bit as illuminating and creative as a killer script or... More >>

  • Queen Elizabeth I, Ronald Reagan and Hitler walk into a theater and see Jesus on a cross . . . While that sounds like the set-up for a terrible... More >>

  • California Repertory Co.'s staging of the Pulitzer Prize-winning musical is anything but trite

    A musical about a suburban housewife grappling with mental illness? Hit the snooze button and wake my ass up in two hours. But in a glorious... More >>

  • Playwright Samuel Hunter's characters are ordinary people with ordinary problems: mortality, illness, loneliness, figuring out how to get from... More >>

  • Theatre Out's production of the 1990s work stays faithful to a so-so play

    Time has not been overly kind to Craig Lucas' The Dying Gaul. The 1998 play may only be 16 years old, but it feels like it's from another... More >>

  • South Coast Rep's stunning Reunion examines the current state of American men

    You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce where the story's going in Gregory Moss' new play, Reunion. There are just enough clues deftly... More >>

  • The UC Irvine professor sees his 1976 play, The Trial of Dedan Kimathi, produced on campus

    When most Americans think of Kenya, they envision safaris, long-distance runners and the snowcapped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro (which is actually... More >>

  • The Chance Theater's latest play can't finish through on setting the Aristophanes classic on the basketball court

    A legendary theater director and drama critic—let's just say it was Harold Clurman because, lord knows, he doesn't get enough props these... More >>

  • They may not have played football in ancient Rome, but there's an unintentional similarity between the beginning of A Funny Thing Happened On the... More >>

  • There isn't a great deal of new ground trod in Zoe Kazan's new play, Trudy and Max In Love. Relationships are difficult. Love is complicated.... More >>

  • Maverick Theater brings together onetime student and teacher Nathan Baesel and Joe Parrish

    It has taken 23 years, but when Nathan Baesel and Joe Parrish walk onstage Friday for the first performance of Eugene O'Neill's epic heartbreaker... More >>

  • Why C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters remains so relevant and popular

    The oldest conspiracy theory in one of the oldest of books would render any other one irrelevant. It's the one that begins in Genesis 3:15 with a... More >>

  • Whether your Christmas celebration is an affirmation of all that is decent about the holiday season (joy, goodwill to all, Wal-Mart gift cards)... More >>

  • We Hebrew up our holiday theater preview

    In the latest sign that Jewry is indeed taking over the civilized world, the first day of the eight-day Jewish holiday Hanukkah this year falls... More >>

  • Amy Herzog's play is a masterful treatise on the American left, past and present

    Amy Herzog's 2011 play 4,000 Miles is a quintessentially American work because it broaches that most American of literary themes: the road trip.... More >>

  • Or how to wreck a completely perfect first act

    The sin in Wendy MacLeod's 1994 play Sin isn't the varying degrees of cardinal ones (gluttony, lust, vanity, etc.) committed by her eight... More >>

  • The South Coast Rep production puts an Asian-American spin on an age-old story

    Lost a Facebook friend—one of the few I actually know in non-Zuckerberg land—after posting the following one Mother's Day:... More >>

  • South Coast Rep and local groups launch an ambitious Santa Ana community-theater project

    In less than two hours on a recent Friday night, about 100 people crammed into a downtown Santa Ana room and received the kind of crash course in... More >>

  • An all-black version of Arthur Miller's masterpiece still gets to the play's humanity

    In a preview last week of South Coast Repertory's production of Death of a Salesman, the Los Angeles Times' eminently thorough and cerebral Mike... More >>

  • Trey Parker's film-turned-play is only famous because of its author, but Maverick does a good job showing his genius

    There are some who believe the first draft of a novel, a manuscript littered with scrawled paragraphs, psychotic-looking notes in the margins and... More >>

  • Every high-school student forced to read William Shakespeare's play knows the story, but in case you don't, a brief synopsis: Macbeth is a... More >>

  • Moulton Center's Studio Theater at Chapman continues to let local emerging playwrights stage their stuff

    Theater is only as relevant and contemporary as the new plays it produces, which may be one reason why Orange County theater suffers from bipolar... More >>

  • Shakespeare Orange County's head leaves it healthy, vibrant and ready for the future

    "My dad was Lear," says Tom Bradac, who is stepping down after this summer as artistic director of Orange County's lone troupe dedicated to... More >>

  • The Chance Theater takes on America's first modern president in a rock musical

    It took 850 pages for Daniel Walker Howe to cover an era of U.S. history dominated by the enormous presence of Andrew Jackson in his 2009 volume,... More >>

  • STAGEStheatre offers a rip-roaring homage to the cult film

    Whatever your take on the phrase "politically correct," any piece of work that disparages a person's race or sexuality is bound to raise the... More >>

  • Maverick Theater's stage version stays close to the legendary film, but nevertheless pleases

    I wish I could report the Maverick Theater's staged version of the iconic 1973 film The Sting is one giant, two-hour swindle of your hard-earned... More >>

  • Andrew Jackson Musical, Cannibals, John Waters and Shakespeare!

    John Waters, Trey Parker, Rod Serling, Old Hickory and, yes, hold your breath—NEIL FUCKING SIMON!—are merely five of the legendary... More >>

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Maverick Theater Takes on <i>Spamalot</i> Maverick Theater Takes on Spamalot

What do you call a piece of musical theater written by a comedic genius who chose to cash in on the enormous success of people undoubtedly inspired by him? Spamalot. No one… More >>

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