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  • Costa Mesa Playhouse's staging of the Martin McDonagh play is worth its faults

    Irish (by way of London) playwright Martin McDonagh shot to theater stardom on the strength of three plays written in the late 1990s set in... More >>

  • Qui Nguyen's uproarious take on his parents' flight from Saigon is a universal tale of love and war

    Surrender any adherence to the classical unities, the well-made play and even common sense with Vietgone. This is a play all over time, space,... More >>

  • The Chance Theater's A Bright New Boise plumbs the insular world of Anywhere, Idaho

    Running through Oct. 25 at South Coast Repertory, Vietgone is a dazzling, inventive, funny, balls-to-the-walls show. Playwright Qui Nguyen's... More >>

  • Dave Barton sends dispatches from his residency in the Mediterranean

    I'm sitting at a diner eating borscht. The owner is Latvian, married to the Libyan pizza maker a few shops down. The music playing in the... More >>

  • David Ivers directs a delightful romp equal parts Marx Brothers and early-1960s England

    About 15 minutes into One Man, Two Guvnors Saturday night, someone's mind went wandering. It wasn't because that person was bored, but because he... More >>

  • Shakespeare Orange County packs in the crowds with The Pirates of Penzance

    There isn't much rum and no lash in Shakespeare Orange County's The Pirates of Penzance. But there's plenty of sodomy, if the host of swishy,... More >>

  • The Garage Theatre's Darkside revisits Dark Side of the Moon

    Because our corporate overlords demand that every word in this infernal rag drives readers to patronize those businesses that advertise in it,... More >>

  • Eli Simon erects a mini-Elizabethan on campus to truly bring out Shakespeare as he's meant to be performed

    Eli Simon wanted to build a theater. Like, a really cool theater. He had the money, thanks to funds from a department of excellence award (given... More >>

  • Shakespeare OC's audacious, multiculti staging of the Shakespeare classic draws a line from Verona to Ferguson

    There is something really, really weird going on with Shakespeare Orange County's Romeo and Juliet. It has nothing to do with the wildly... More >>

  • Jim Knable's play makes its West Coast debut

    Green may be the hue of jealousy's monster, but in Jim Knable's play Green Man, the color is more the irresistible persistence of memory, of... More >>

  • Stephen Hulsey directs a great version of the modern-day classic at Maverick Theater

    There's a show-biz aphorism that if you act with kids or animals, you're going to get upstaged. The same has to be true of puppets. While they... More >>

  • Cocks, naked green men, and a Viet-Mex Romeo and Juliet—sign us up!

    Maybe you didn't get the memo, but the word alternative doesn't mean opposite; it means "different," as in a different outcome, choice or path.... More >>

  • Let the masses turn to high-octane visuals, episodic weekly dramas and pretty, witty people in precious sitcoms. The cool kids know the theater... More >>

  • Not even Tinkerbell could love South Coast Rep's prequel musical Peter and the Starcatcher

    If you're 12 years old or otherwise brain-addled, you may find Peter and the Starcatcher, a prequel to the story of Peter Pan, is the best thing... More >>

  • The Service Workers Project, Contra La Corriente—Against the Current tells the story of UC Irvine's service workers

    When asked what percentage of UC Irvine's service workers are Latino, Amanda Novoa thinks for a moment, then says, "Well, just by looking, I'd... More >>

  • Casa Romantica in San Clemente finds our own art critic shining a light on the melancholy Dane

    The real star of the Monkey Wrench Collective's Slings & Arrows isn't the wholly committed ensemble, the deconstructed concept of William... More >>

  • Dead Man's Cell Phone and The Book of Liz take on the human comedy that is life

    Sarah Ruhl's Dead Man's Cell Phone and David and Amy Sedaris' The Book of Liz feel as different as lobster bisque does from a breakfast burrito.... More >>

  • The Costa Mesa institution's fine play tradition continues four years into Masterson's helm

    South Coast Repertory (SCR) has won scores of local and national awards in its fiftysomething years, but next to the 20 bestowed upon it by this... More >>

  • It shouldn't surprise anyone that two of America's most iconic criminals, Bonnie and Clyde, received the musical-theater treatment. Not when you... More >>

  • If it were possible to speculate in the stock of a creative person, this chump would cobble together whatever few ducats he had lying around and... More >>

  • It's not often the average person's Spotify playlist veers from Richard Wagner to Dexys Midnight Runners, then to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.... More >>

  • Though the phrase "going viral" didn't yet possess cultural cachet, Rodney King's odyssey certainly served as a template. From the blurry... More >>

  • An overview of local theater in 2015 should give people who place value in producing plays that aren't tried and tired some measure of... More >>

  • Twenty years ago this holiday season, the Reverend Slappy White fell off a turnip truck he'd hitched a ride on in Riverside. Instead of Stanton,... More >>

  • Actors breaking character. A near lack of production values. Garishly over-the-top gay and Latino stereotypes. Yet, in spite of things that might... More >>

  • Most Americans equate Cuba with Fidel Castro, cigars, rum and baseball. But it has produced an incredible literary history. From Cuban national... More >>

  • When Robert Cohen wakes up in his Laguna Beach home, Samuel Beckett is in the kitchen, cooking breakfast. Jerzy Grotowski is on his couch,... More >>

  • Boo-hoo, women are oppressed by cruel, violent men. They're oppressed in ass-backwards Muslim countries by having to cover their heads in public... More >>

  • Sex is what sells Venus In Fur, especially to those whose sex life is void of kink or those whose kink it is to watch two people engage in smart... More >>

  • Jordan Harrison's 2011 play, Maple and Vine, couldn't come to OC at a better time for all you hepcats in love with everything about the 1950s... More >>

  • South Coast Rep stages a version of the Shakespeare classic with the music of Tom Waits and the magic of Teller

    Maybe it's a sign of the apocalypse, a realization that as the world grows smaller in terms of connectivity, it appears to be fracturing in real... More >>

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