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Where Famous People Eat!

Contributors who did not eat actual food described herein, but who spoke to famous others about eating —a kind of vicario-gluttony—and then wrote about the experience (the talking) without indulging overmuch in gastropedantry: Victor D. Infante, Steve Lowery, Arrissia Owen, Jeanne Rice, Alison M. Rosen, Rebecca Schoenkopf, Nick Schou and Will Swaim. And notice, please, the absolutely weird parallels, like for instance that Republican Congressman Ed Royce and Lit guitarist Jeremy Popoff both enjoy Fullerton's Heroes, a place both describe with reference to Andy Griffith Show "community" references, though the congressman really reveals his pop-cult smarts by referencing Cheers, the seminal 1980s TV show you missed because you were studying lit-crit theory. Or notice (please) that several subjects cite as a favorite Sid's, a Newport Beach eatery famous for its real-life—not fabricated—sense that the customer doesn't matter, that said customer will indeed eat what he's being offered and that no fucking substitutions whatever will be allowed, that that Sid's is temporarily closed, its eponymous owner somewhere in sweltering Las Vegas, his more marginally invested employees running the place having not had the instincts, interest or what have you to make the place the raging counterintuitive success that it ought to have been and was until Sid left town on the business-end of a threatening-looking jail sentence having to do with his refusal to remove the rusting hulks of cars on the front lawn of his Costa Mesa home. Eccentric is what he is. And are you listening to me?


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