Wodka Vodka, Our Drink of the Week

Wódka--Polish for vodka--is a new line of vodka that claims to rank higher than Ciroc in taste tests, but sells for only $8.99 for a 750-mililiter glass bottle.

According to its website, Wódka earned a 90-point rating from the Beverage Testing Institute, while Ciroc earned 88 points, Belvedere 92 points, Absolut 90 points, Smirnoff 90 points and Stoli 92 points. Is this actually possible?

Could Wódka really back up its claims of being on par with Absolut and Smirnoff, better than Diddy's Ciroc?

I put this mysterious vodka with a cheap price and surprisingly nice packaging to the test to see if it could live up to the hype.

Results after the jump!

Wódka is not quite on the level of Ciroc, but it's a better buy than Smirnoff any day. Wódka is less expensive and has a much more entertaining marketing campaign. Just check out its version of a Sex On the Beach cocktail.

This unflavored, 80-proof vodka would not be my first choice when it comes to taking a straight shot, but it works well as part of a mixed drink. I tried it with cream soda, and then with a mixture of lemon-lime soda and lemonade, and both were surprisingly good. The vodka was noticeable but not overpowering to other flavors in the cocktails.

With a price of $8.99, I expected Popov-tasting vodka (that nasty, nasty vodka from my poor college days that is so cheap it comes in a plastic bottle) and an awful hangover; instead, I was pleasantly surprised with the high quality of Wódka.

You can find Wódka at a few places around the county:

  • Club House Liquor, San Clemente
  • Hi-Time Liquor, Costa Mesa
  • Hilltop Liquor, Huntington Beach
  • Tony and Rami Liquor, Mission Viejo
  • KC Liquor, Aliso Viejo


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