[UPDATE: Never Mind!] Arizona Restaurant Serving Lion Meat Tacos

UPDATE, TUES., JAN. 25, 10:13 A.M.: Never mind. The restaurant has scrapped its Mufasa tacos due to "safety concerns and death threats."

ORIGINAL ITEM, JAN. 24, 5 P.M.: What is it about Arizona restaurants and lion meat? Last summer, around the time of the World Cup in South Africa, a restaurant in Mesa, Arizona, decided it was a good idea to serve lion-meat burgers to commemorate the event. There was more than a little controversy regarding the source of the Simba meat.

Now it's a Tucson restaurant's turn, with lion tacos for $8.75 a pop. The owner of Boca Tacos y Tequila, a Mexican restaurant close to the University of Arizona campus known for exotic meats, told the Arizona Daily Star they're procuring the meat from a farm in Perris, Califonia, that raises lions for food.

Interested in being part of the "Circle of Life"?  You must pre-order your African-lion taco by 3 p.m. Feb. 7; it will then be served to you on Feb. 16. 

It is not known whether you can get a side of warthog or meerkat.

UPDATE: According to the Arizona Daily Star, the offer has been rescinded due to threats.


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